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Tenterfields Primary Academy
                                      Tenterfields,  Halesowen,  West Midlands B63 3LH
                                                   Fax:  01384 818566                 Tel.  01384 818560

              Head Teacher:  Rhian Welsh                   Chair of Governing Body: Ian Litchfield

                                                                           Prospectus: 2016- 2017

              Dear Parents and Carers,

              On behalf of our children, staff, parents and carers and Local Advisory Board, may I
              wish you a very warm welcome to our school prospectus.  We trust that you will find
              the information helpful and insightful.

              Our lovely school is part of the Windsor Academy Trust, with a 60 place nursery – 30
              places in the morning and 30 places available in the afternoon. It is situated near the
              town centre in Halesowen and our grounds celebrate wonderful acreage in which our
              forest school, allotments (where we grow our own vegetables for cooking), pond,
              and climbing and play equipment, are set.

              The school opened originally in 1909 as three separate schools – for girls, boys and
              infants. A nursery was added in 1941 and the Children’s Centre in April 2008. The
              school has always enjoyed an excellent reputation, and as a result, generations of
              children have thrived in its warm, family atmosphere. At present there are
              approximately 210 children in the main school.

              At Tenterfields Primary Academy we are striving to prepare the learners of today for
              a global future, and we work hard to provide a creative, happy and safe environment
              for all our children. We consider the whole child (personal and academic
              development) to be equally important, and aim to meet the social, emotional,
              physical, intellectual and moral needs of all our unique and individual pupils.

              We expect our children to learn alongside each other in a co-operative and
              collaborative way and treat adults, each other and property with respect. The school
              has an atmosphere that encourages a caring, courteous code of conduct.

              Our most recent school inspection highlighted pupils' spiritual, moral, social and
              cultural development as an outstanding feature of the school. We are naturally very
              proud of this.

              We strongly believe that real success is achieved when school and home work in
              close partnership together. This partnership is based on open and effective
              communication. We see our school website and phone app as vital elements of this
              communication, and we hope that you will also find this to be the case. The staff and
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