Page 1 - The Thorns Way Raising Standards Strategy
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The Thorns


    Raising Standards Strategy

           2020 — 2023


 The Raising Standards Strategy has been developed to ensure all
 stakeholders have clarity about Thorns Primary School‘s planned
 approaches to school improvement, and associated actions, in order to
 raise standards and improve outcomes for all children. The strategy
 identifies clear structures and processes that provide the clarity needed
 to ensure the school makes ongoing progress towards its aim to become
 a consistently good school.

 Underpinned by a ‘people first’ culture of high expectations and an
 understanding that everyone, whatever their role, is important, we
 believe that school improvement is built on two key components: a
 desire to want to the best for every child and the ability to provide it.

                    School Vision

         Every child is safe, happy and learning because every adult
                    is caring, happy in their work and skilled.

        School Improvement Philosophy

Improve outcomes for children and raise standards in learning and teaching
through effective leadership and by developing high quality pedagogy and

   practice, underpinned by quality CPD: reflective, effective, improving
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