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Mission Statement


               At Blanford Mere we aim to offer our children a high standard of
               education  within  a  rich,  caring  and  friendly  environment  where

               honesty,  independence  and  tolerance  are  valued  and  where
               everyone is made welcome.

               It  is  our  intention  to  provide  a  broad  and  balanced  education,

               creating opportunities for everyone to reach their full potential.
               We have high expectations and encourage the children to do their

               best at all times.  The achievements of pupils and all adults are
               recognised and valued.

               At  Blanford  Mere  we  treat  children  as  individuals  and  are
               concerned with all aspects of their development:  academic, social,

               spiritual and physical, preparing them to become valued members
               of the local community, of which the school is a part, and the wider


                  Blanford Mere Primary School – Prospectus 2020-2021                              Updated 30.03.20
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