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                  Times of Day

                  Morning session              8.55 am – 12 noon
                  Afternoon session            1.00 pm – 3.15 pm

                  Teaching time starts promptly, so please make sure that your child has a good
                  start to the day by arriving on time.  A late arrival can disturb both the child
                  and the class.  Any child arriving late should report to the school office.  The
                  school is not responsible for children who arrive at school prior to 8.45 am as
                  we cannot guarantee supervision.  If you wish your child to come home for
                  lunch then they should not arrive back at school before 1.00 pm.

                                 BEGINNING AND END OF SCHOOL DAY

                  Parents who need to see a class teacher urgently are asked to do so at 3.15
                  pm.  At the end of the day please collect your child on time.  If you know that
                  you will be late, please telephone the school to let us know.

                                        ROAD SAFETY AND PARKING

                  Parking near the school is extremely difficult.  If it is essential for you to

                  bring your child to school by car, we suggest you park in Balfour Road and walk
                  the remaining distance.  Please think of others and park with consideration
                  for the local residents and remember to drive slowly for the safety of all.
                  Please note that the school car park is for staff only.

                                       ATTENDANCE AND ABSENCES

                  If your child is absent from school, please let us know by telephone before
                  9.05am.  The  Education  Investigation Service  liaises  with  schools  regularly,
                  and may visit parents of children who appear to have unauthorised absences
                  or  are  frequently  late.     The  school  monitors  children’s  attendance  and
                  punctuality  monthly,  contacting  parents  by  letter  if  there  are  concerns  if
                  attendance has fallen below 96%.


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