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                  At Blanford Mere Primary school we aim to:-

                  * provide each child with an exciting, broad and balanced curriculum, so that

                  they acquire skills, knowledge and a love of learning.

                  * encourage high standards of achievement, presentation and behaviour in a
                  safe, nurturing and vibrant environment.

                  * foster respect for themselves and others so that everyone feels valued and
                  secure in our school and wider community.

                  * encourage children to have high aspirations and strive to be the best that
                  they can be, so that they can make a positive contribution to modern Britain.

                  * create a happy and caring community with involvement and commitment from

                  children, staff and parents/carers to support children's learning.


                  Blanford Mere Primary School – Prospectus 2020-2021                              Updated 30.03.20
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