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The Parents’ Part
               Parents will….
               Safe and             •   Follow parental routines which maintain security.
               secure               •   Contact the school promptly about any concerns for pupil safety.
               Teaching and         •   Spend time with their child and engage in conversations.
               Learning             •   Ensure their child is rested, fed and prepared.
                                    •   Ensure their child has appropriate PE kit in school.
                                    •   Ensure all school uniform and PE kit is clearly labelled with their child’s
               Communication        •   Attend meetings about their child’s learning and contribute
               Guidance and             appropriately.
               support              •   Encourage their child to learn and be part of school life.
                                    •   Contact the school regarding any change in circumstance, phone
                                        number or concerns about their child.
               Behaviour            •   Ensure their child is dressed appropriately including wearing school
                                        uniform (also follow rules regarding haircuts and pierced ears).
                                    •   Ensure their child’s behaviour is appropriately managed out of school.
                                    •   Support their child’s social and moral development by encouraging
                                        sharing, good play, understanding others and knowing right from
                                    •   Reinforce the school’s core values and rules at home.
               Attendance and       •   Make sure their child attends school daily and on time (national
               Punctuality              expectation above 95% attendance).
                                    •   Avoid absence where possible.
                                    •   Contact the school before 9:30 am regarding reasons for absence.
                                    •   Avoid booking holidays and trips in term time.
               Homework             •   Value books, read to your child and hear your child read regularly at
                                        home (and complete the reading record).
                                    •   Help pupils with homework where necessary and ensure it is
                                        completed on time, to a high standard.

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