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             School Address:                Thorns Primary School, Thorns Road, Quarry Bank, Brierley Hill,
                                            West Midlands, DY5 2JY
             Telephone:                     01384 818285
             Fax:                           01384 818286
             Web site:            
             Head teacher:                  Mr D Priestley B.Ed NPQH
             Deputy Head Teacher
             and Special Needs              Mrs K Parkes BA (Hons) (QTS), NASENC
             English Subject Leader:        Mrs H Lowe B.Ed
             Mathematics Subject            Mr D Moore GTP (QTS)
             Teaching Staff:                Mrs K Bennett, B.Ed                    Mrs R Kaur, B.Ed
                                            Miss A Collins, BSc, PGCE              Mrs V Merrick, B.Ed
                                            Miss S Hughes, B.Ed, Early Years       Mrs J Rees, BSc (Hons)
                                            Education Studies                      Mrs K  Whyatt BEd
             Teaching Support:              Mrs C Baker                            Mrs T Molloy
                                            Miss A Beardsmore                      Miss J. Norton
                                            Mrs D Bicker
                                            Mrs J Holmes
                                            Miss B Holton
             Business Manager:              Mrs C Ketley
             Admin Support Officers:        Mrs K Cartwright                       Mrs S. Matthews
                                            Office Administrator                   Admin Assistant
             Kitchen Manageress;            Mrs J Garrattley
             Governing Body:
             Chairman                       Mr G Cadwallader, LA Governor
             Vice Chairman                  Mrs M Carter, Community Governor
             Head Teacher                   Mr D Priestley
             Associate Governor             Mrs J Cowdell-Jones
                                            Mrs V Merrick
             Staff Governor                 Mrs K Parkes
             Parent Governors               Mrs R Dalgleish
                                            Miss E Homer
                                            Miss K Round

             Community                      Mr I Alade
                                            Mrs C Ketley

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