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Dear Parents

            As Head Teacher at Thorns Primary School I would like to welcome you to our school.

            I can remember my initial impression of Thorns as a small, friendly and happy school; a
            theme echoed by many visitors to our school.

            We believe that our school is unique to our area; because of both the school’s size and caring
            culture, we are able to provide an environment in which children can enjoy learning, develop
            self-confidence and gain the necessary skills to be well-rounded and fulfilled individuals.  It is
            through valuing children as individuals, we aim to promote each child’s learning as much as
            we can so that the highest standards can be achieved.

            I have always believed that parents learn most by visiting schools; it is through experiencing
            the positive atmosphere, the caring relationships between individuals, and purposeful
            learning first-hand that people gain the clearest vision of what Thorns Primary School is all
            about, so please do come and see us.

            Staff, governors and parents have one clear purpose in supporting the children of Thorns
            Primary School; together we have a school community in which the wider community can be
            proud.  If you would like to visit us, find out more about our school or how you could
            contribute to the life of the school, please contact us on 01384 818285.

            Yours faithfully

            D. Priestley

            Mr D Priestley
            Head Teacher

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