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                                                   School Rules

            We hope and expect that everyone associated with the school will support the school’s aims
            and values and follow the school rules for the good of the school community.

            Our school rules

                •   Always do your best and allow others to do the same.

                •   Treat everyone fairly and with respect.

                •   Care for others, help each other and our school community.

                •   Stay safe, keep others safe.

                •   Look after property.

                •   Make the right choice.

                •   Never give up.

                •   Good manners always.

                •   Be a team.

            The above rules were written by our Student Council and agreed by the whole school, children,
            teachers and parents.

            “Pupils behave well in lessons and around school. They are polite and respectful to
            adults and each other” - Ofsted report March 2017

            “The school’s work to promote pupils personal development and welfare is good” -
            Ofsted report March 2017

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