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“Pupils are well mannered confident and friendly.  They are proud of their school.” –
                                               Ofsted report March 2017

                                                  School Aims

            To maintain a safe, secure and welcoming environment where everyone feels
            personally valued and respected; where pupil welfare and safeguarding are
            central to all that we do.

            To help everyone to develop the attitudes, values and skills to be successful,
            safe and happy members of our school, local, national and international

            To work in partnership with parents and carers to encourage them to make
            an active and valuable contribution to their child’s education and the school

            To be an inclusive school where everyone’s individual needs are met and
            learning is personalised to maximise achievement and life chances.

            To provide a stimulating and exciting curriculum that meets the interests and
            needs of all our children.

            To constantly strive, through high quality teaching and leadership, to achieve
            high standards for our pupils whatever their ability and needs.

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