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            The Home/School agreement sets out the responsibilities of pupils, parents, school and
            professionals in the education of our children and the running of the school community.

                                                     The School’s Part
               School and professionals will…
               Safe and             •   Keep pupils safe.
               secure               •   Provide a well organised environment.
                                    •   Teach pupils to deal with unsafe situations.
               Teaching and         •   Ensure lessons are well planned to enable pupils to make good
               Learning                 progress.
                                    •   Provide a curriculum which provides a broad range of rich experiences.
                                    •   Provide additional support to help pupils catch up where necessary.
               Communication        •   Listen carefully to pupils and parents in order to support effectively.
               Guidance and         •   Provide clear guidance on how each pupil can improve their learning.
               support              •   Provide clear information about school / pupil organisation, curriculum
                                        and learning.
               Behaviour            •   Ensure pupil behaviour in school is appropriately managed.
                                    •   Support pupils individually as necessary.
                                    •   Encourage and reward good and improving behaviour.
                                    •   Communicate effectively with parents about behaviour of pupils.
                                    •   Act quickly to deal with the rare cases of bullying.
               Attendance and       •   Encourage pupils to attend school.
               Punctuality          •   Closely monitor all pupils’ attendance.
                                    •   Contact parents promptly when concerns about attendance arise.
                                    •   Support parents to ensure good attendance.
               Homework             •   Set and mark homework as the school policy states.

                                                      The Pupils’ Part
               Pupils will….
               Safe and             •   Follow school rules, routines and expectations regarding safety.
               secure               •   Learn how to manage situations that could become unsafe.
               Teaching and         •   Listen carefully.
               Learning             •   Think and respond to what is said.
                                    •   Always try to do their best work.
               Communication        •   Listen carefully about how they can improve and act upon guidance.
               Guidance and
               Behaviour            •   Follow the school rules.
                                    •   Follow routines and behave.
                                    •   Wear the school uniform with pride.
               Attendance and       •   Attend school each day and on time (national expectation above 95%
               Punctuality              attendance).
               Homework             •   Read regularly at home.
                                    •   Complete homework to a high standard and on time.

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